Wednesday, April 7, 2010

No more piggy woes!

Well, Ani finished her treatment today. For a recap, she was on an antibiotic (Baytril) to treat an abscessed lymph node in her neck. This was in early February, and she finished her two months of treatment up a couple of days ago. Tonight, she had her follow-up vet appointment and the verdict was that the lumps were back to normal lymph node size and she should be good to go. There is a possibility that, after being off antibiotics for a while, they would come back and we would have to repeat this process for the rest of her life, but hopefully that won't happen.

She was very good about her treatment and was always very patient about her twice a day regimen. It also helped me come up with a better strategy for nail clippings; instead of enlisting my boyfriend to help hold them still while I did all the nails at once, I do a foot every couple of days. They're so much more relaxed that way -- even Fred, the feisty little guy that he is, is a lot more patient with this system, although he never lets me finish a whole foot and I have to do just a few nails before he freaks out.

Total, I spent $80 on vet visits, $92 on antibiotics, and $20 on probiotics, for a grand total of $192 on a guinea pig abscess that may recur, require more antibiotics, cause a resistance to the antibiotics which can cause a whole host of new problems, and eventually require expensive, invasive surgery. Fingers crossed that the whole episode ends today and no more problems develop.

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