Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seedling woes....

Well, after a week or so of healthy growth, I have seedling issues. There are bugs and mushrooms that sprout up FAST, and my seedlings are starting to fall over dead. At first I thought they weren't being watered often enough, so I watered them generously, only to do some more research and see that they may be damping off. So I moved them into a less well-lit but better ventilated area of the house and the ones that I moved yesterday appear to be doing much better. The remaining plants were moved this morning, so I'm waiting on a verdict on those. Two trays of plants are getting direct sunlight from the west (there is only one south-facing window in the house and it isn't usable, so this is really the best I can do), and the third is getting open shade from the east and is under a plant light as well. If they do well under the plant light, I may move them all to a small west-facing window and put the plant light next to it.

As of now, I'm afraid that if this doesn't fix the problem, I may have to start over. As it was I was about a week behind in planting, so if I do have to start over, I'll be almost a month behind. The growing season for my lettuces is almost over, anyway. This whole "garden" idea could end up being a very expensive disaster.

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