Saturday, November 27, 2010

A backlog of sewing.

Hello all!

Here's a backlog of all of the sewing that's happened since early summer. I simply haven't been able to upload anything between moving and school starting, so now that fall break is here, here's an update.

Purses! I made four purses on commission: none of the fabrics are my choices, they all turned out lovely though. The tutorial that I used to make them has since been removed from the internet, so I may be reposting it in the near future, along with the adjustments I've made. When I started my first purse with the pattern, I printed it out for easy access, and I'm glad I did!

The new ones I made slightly larger than the original: they're about 24x17, as opposed to 19x12. I lengthened the handles on two out of the four, as per the purchaser's preferences.

Without further ado, pictures! You can expect a tutorial for this style bag as soon as I make another -- I was rushing these so I didn't photograph the process. You can also blame my lack of camera; all these photos come from my phone, unfortunately.

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